Wild food ingredients, and how to collect them!

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5 stars - “Love it! I first listened to the Taboo Meats episode, just now the guys are talking about the produce aisle where we have to bend down. I love it!…” honeygoats on Apple Podcasts

“Top 15 Wild Food Podcasts you must follow in 2021” - Feedspot Blog

“wild food ingredients, and how to acquire them”

On the show we try to find the balance of how to acquire the wild food ingredients vs how to cook them. The Food Afield Magazine will definitely put more of a focus on the recipes and food photos and articles, while the show has a following and tends to lean more towards the hunting, fishing and foraging aspects.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t something for everyone on the podcast. When we talk about acquiring ingredients, we remember that there are folks listening who are both expert and beginners at the various activities. We also talk about preparing food and drink in each episode too!

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Ok, I will! I have been hunting and fishing for food for decades now. I enjoy collecting wild food ingredients, especially when I am carrying my 60 year old Bear Kodiak recurve bow, or fly-fishing with a bamboo flyrod that I built myself. I also enjoy getting around on my old 80’s adventure motorbike.

I spend a lot of time building things that I need instead of buying them. We talk about that sort of thing from time to time on the show.

I am happy to be creating content that people enjoy. It is my pleasure indeed. Please go ahead and give me a shout if you have any questions about the Food Afield content. Have a great day!

John D. Schneider

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