The New 
Food Afield Magazine!
Camp smoked Mountain Whitefish and a nice whiskey for happy hour while flyfishing the Alberta foothills. 

6 issues of exclusive Food Afield Content

I am hoping that you will give this new e-magazine a try, at no cost, and then be pleasantly surprised at the value you receive. In the 6 yearly issues you will receive exclusive wild-food content, recipes, insider updates about the Food Afield show and on-location updates. There will also be content contributions from friends of the Food Afield Podcast.

I wanted a project where I can create and share Food Afield knowledge in the way that I wish. To be able to remain in direct contact with subscribers is another benefit. The Food Afield Magazine is a response to these issues, and will compliment the Food Afield Podcast.  

Let's just see where this journey takes us. Most importantly though, let's celebrate Food Afield! Join me please. 

John D Schneider

John on the set of the award winning series "From The Wild". Photo by Anna Kuelken