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Introducing the eMagazine!

A brand new project for us. And, we are very excited! The e-magazine is free to subscribe and will consist of 6 issues per year. Inside each issue will be exclusive content not seen anywhere else. Recipes. Wild food related articles on hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking.

We will also provide insider information on the Food Afield Podcast show itself. We’ll have articles relating to travel plans as well as updates and behind the scenes photography and posts of the places we’re visiting.

Another key to the magazine will be contributions from some of the world’s best wild food experts. Over the years, I’ve met so many amazing people who have so much to share about wild food ingredients, how to collect them and ultimately how to enjoy them on the plate!

John Schneider

John, has hunted with a bow for more than 40 years now and has always been passionate about wild food ingredients. The motivation to get out into the field with a hunting tool in hand was always to acquire food. A pack of matches and some rolled up tinfoil has been in John’s pack from the very first day he hiked the hills around his childhood farm in north central Alberta, Canada.

For a time, John was a professional guide and outfitter in the Northwest Territories and Alberta. He owned his own business for more than a decade catering to bowhunters who came to Alberta to hunt the province’s whitetail deer. In the Northwest Territories, John guided fisherpeople from all over the world on the eastern arm of Great Slave Lake. Every single day meant preparing a different meal of fresh caught fish on the beach.

John has published several articles over the years that have appeared in international hunting magazines and still writes from time to time for publications like Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. For the past 7 years, John has been an occasional on-screen character in the award winning series From The Wild by Kevin Kossowan. His largest contribution to the show being this past year, Season 7, which will begin streaming early in 2021.

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